Watch the video to learn Prepositions

In the video we have learnt Prepositions and their kinds with a few examples. Let us now see more examples of different prepositions used in sentences.

  • The little girl sat in a corner.
  • The farmer took some rest under a tree.
  • In winter, people prefer to sit by the fireplace.
  • She returned with her friends.
  • She worked from morning till night.
  • I am tired of walking.
  • I bought it for fifty rupees.
  • He broke the toy into a hundred pieces.
  • She leaned against the wall.
  • The dog ran across the road.
  • They quarreled among themselves.
  • The army marched through the town.
  • He climbed up the ladder quickly.
  • I bought a vintage car at an auction.
  • She returned to her hometown within a month.
  • He completed his graduation after his father’s death.
  • There was no money on him.
  • In spite of every effort, one may fail.
  • The lifeboat made straight for the sinking ship
  • I have eaten nothing since yesterday.
  • He killed two birds with one shot.
  • She parked her car in front of the gate.
  • The thieves climbed the wall by means of a ladder.
  • He could not attend school because of his father’s illness.
  • The teacher always speaks in favor of her favorite students.
  • In course of time, he realized his mistakes.
  • In accordance with your instructions, we have deposited the amount in your bank account.
  • We took the by-lane in order to avoid traffic on the main road.
  • The security system rings a siren in case of a robbery.
  • I packed a few formals in addition to casual dresses.
  • This letter is with reference to the telephonic discussion we had yesterday.

In the next lesson, we will learn about the Conjunctions.

Stay tuned…Goodbye!