Let us review what we have learnt in the above lesson.

1. We can report the words of a speaker in two ways.

  • By quoting his actual words.
  • Without quoting his actual words.

2. When we quote the speaker’s exact words, it is called Direct narration or Direct speech.

3. When we convey what the speaker said without quoting his exact words, it is called Indirect Narration or Indirect speech.

4. The verb that reports what the speaker says is called the reporting verb.

5. The reporting verb in the Indirect speech changes depending on the mood of the reported speech.

6. Tense of the sentence in Indirect speech changes Indirect speech.

7. The Pronouns change in person while turning a sentence from Direct speech to Indirect speech.

In the next lesson, we will learn all the rules of changing Direct speech into Indirect speech in detail.

Stay tuned……goodbye!