Nandini, a badminton champion, had won several state-level trophies in women’s singles as well as doubles. She had been playing since she was six.

She was at the peak of her career, and one day all of a sudden, she experienced knee pain. She ignored it, thinking it would go away. The pain started recurring occasionally at first and then became quite a frequent visitor.

Her friend advised her to consult a doctor, but she took pain killers to do away with the pain and continued with her badminton. After six months, she started finding difficulty in climbing stairs.

Her friend warned her again about the seriousness of the problem. But Nandini promised her that she would consult a doctor after her upcoming tournament. She started knee exercises suggested by her all-time guru Google, which gave her temporary relief from the pain.

After the tournament, when she finally consulted the doctor, the condition of her knees had deteriorated so much that he advised a knee transplant!

All hell broke loose when she was told that she should never play badminton again…..Had she addressed the problem in time, she would have been saved from the physical as well as mental trauma...

If we don’t sort out a problem, however small it may be, immediately, things get worse, and the problem takes longer to deal with… a stitch in time saves nine.

Stay tuned… Goodbye!