A few days back, my friend Sanika met with an accident and fractured her right hand. She was operated upon, and a steel rod was inserted in her upper arm. After the two hours long operation, she had just been brought into the recovery room when I went to see her.

Having been administered local anesthesia, she was conscious; but in a lot of pain. Her husband was at the medical store, buying medicines while her elder daughter was quietly sitting next to her.

Sanika seemed worried about the days to come. Her right hand would be immobile for at least a month… how would she manage? Her old in-laws needed her help in their day to day activities, her husband had to tour a lot, her son was too small to manage on his own, and her daughter’s board exams were just around the corner. The whole house depended on her, and now she herself had become dependent.

I was trying to cheer her up with my small talk, but it was in vain. Just then, her family doctor came to meet her. He said to me… “Cheers! You have an iron lady as your best friend! I didn’t quite understand… looking at my puzzled expression, he said, “She has a steel rod in her hand; she is an Iron Lady now!” Sanika smiled after a long time, and the atmosphere in the room changed… within a second! He was able to brighten Sanika’s mood with his excellent sense of humor!

Humor plays such a great role in our lives, isn’t it?! So Be humorous and live a long life!

Stay tuned… Goodbye!