In the previous lesson, we saw a formal letter of request.
Let us now see an example of a formal letter of  inquiry

Here is a letter of  inquiry to an educational institution, inquiring about the
courses offered.

As you can see, the letter is divided into five parts.

1. The Heading consisting of the writer’s address & the date.
2. The address of the person we are writing to an educational institution in this case
3. Greeting/salutation, Dear sir,
4. The message – the body of the letter. 5. The subscription, Yours faithfully
6. The signature M N Reddy

This is the way, we write a formal letter of inquiry. I am sure you will easily able to write one. Don’t forget to write the superscription i.e. the address on the envelope clearly, as shown in a previous lesson.

Stay tuned…. Goodbye!