We use Future Perfect Tense to talk about an action that you have already planned and will be complete before some point in the future.

Eg. If you have completed the first year of your management degree program this year, then you will say, Next year, I will have completed my post graduation. I will have taken a management degree.

If you are planning to apply for a job and submit a proposal for a start up after completing your MBA, this year you will say, I will have applied for a job in various companies and will also have submitted a proposal for a start up next year.

If your examination is scheduled on the 14th of next month, then on the 15 of this month you will say…..                                                           I will have written my exam on this day next month.

If your family is planning to visit Rajasthan in the month of November next year, then in December this year you will say…..                         Next year we will have visited Rajasthan by this time.

If your brother is planning to conduct a market survey in the coming month you will say…. My brother will have conducted a market survey by next month.

If your friends are planning to start an online business in a few months, you will say…. My friends will have started an online business in a few months.

If your sister is planning to launch a YouTube channel in the month of May next year then in the month of June this year you will say…. Next year, my sister will have launched a YouTube channel.

Notice the sentences in the passage. I will have completed, I will have taken, I will have applied, I will have submitted, I will have written, We will have visited, my brother will have conducted, my friends will have started and my sister will have launched.

The verbs completed, taken, applied, submitted, written, visited, conducted, started and launched.

They all are in perfect tense. And with ‘will have‘ before them, they become Future Perfect Tense. You must also have noticed that there is absolutely no change in the form of the verb ie. will have + perfect tense verb, when used with I, He she, we or they.

Now try to make sentences in Future Perfect Tense and tell others what you will have done in the future.

Stay tuned…. Goodbye!