There was a boy named Sumit. He was eight years old and loved animals, especially dogs. One day, he saw a cute little puppy just outside his school gate. The puppy looked lost due to the sudden rush of students. Sumit realized that the puppy was lame. He picked him up, cuddled him, gave him a biscuit and kept him under a tree, away from the hustle and bustle of the school. This, then became a regular routine. Every day, after school, Sumit would meet the puppy, give him a biscuit, and play with him before going home. After a few meetings, Sumit started calling him Chinu, who would wait for Sumit under the tree, every single day, without fail. They had become the best of friends after all!

One day Sumit did not find Chinu in his usual place. He asked the watchman uncle at the gate if he had seen him, but to his disappointment, the watchman had no idea. Sumit was very sad. He did not play or eat anything that day. His mom and dad tried to woo him into his routine activities, but Sumit could not concentrate on anything.

The next day after school, Sumit waited for Chinu under the tree, but Chinu was nowhere to be seen. Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into a month. Chinu  had just disappeared!

Unable to bear this parting, one day, Sumit asked his parents to get him a puppy. Initially, they were reluctant, but after a lot of persuasions, they finally agreed. They went to a pet shop and asked the owner of the shop if he could get them a puppy. The owner took them to a huge room where a number of puppies were  playing.

The owner started telling them about each puppy, but Sumit was not listening…. As soon as he entered the room, his expectant eyes  had started looking for his friend, Chinu.

Suddenly, Sumit pointed out to a puppy and said, “I want to see him! He looks exactly like my Chinu!”
The owner said, “Sorry! buddy, I can’t give you that puppy.”

Sumit asked, “Why? Has someone already booked it?”

The owner said, “No, not at all.”

“Oh! Have you kept him for yourself then?” asked Sumit

“No, my boy, I cannot give him to you because he is lame!” said the owner.

Sumit exclaimed, “Oh! That is exactly why I want that puppy,  you will not find a better family for him!”

The owner was confused! He didn’t quite understand what Sumit meant…

Sumit continued, “The moment I saw that puppy with his disability, I decided to take him home, you know, he too is lame, just like my Chinu, no one can understand his feelings, better than me..”

The shop owner had tears in his eyes when he realized that Sumit had a Jaipur foot…..

Did you like the story, children? And what did you learn from it?

You learnt compassion. We should have concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others, Isn’t it?

Will meet you again with another story very soon….

Love you…. Goodbye!