We use Future Continuous Tense

  1. To talk about actions which will be in progress at a time in future.
  2. To talk about actions in future which are planned
  3. To talk about things that are expected to happen

Let us see how…

Suppose your friend has invited you to his birthday party next day evening then today evening you will say….. This time tomorrow I will be enjoying at my friend’s birthday party.

If you are going for a movie tomorrow afternoon then today afternoon you will say….. I will be watching movie at this time tomorrow.

If your examination is scheduled on the 14th of next month, on the 14th of this month you will say….. I will be writing my exam on this day next month.

If you are planning to visit Rajasthan in the month of November next year, then in November this year you will say….. Next year I will be visiting Rajasthan during this period.

If your sister is visiting you day after tomorrow, while talking to her over the phone today, you will say….. We will be enjoying each other’s company day after tomorrow.

If you have planned to go to a restaurant for dinner tonight, you will say….. We are eating out tonight.

If you have arranged a meeting with your friend in the next week, you will say, He will be meeting us next week.

If your friend asks you if she could visit you during your office meeting hours you will say….. Sorry, I will be attending a meeting at that time.

If you are expecting guests in the evening, then in the morning you will say….. Our guests will be arriving in the evening.

If you are expecting a postman anytime, you will say….. The postman will be coming soon.

Thus we can see that, we use Future Continuous Tense when we talk about an action that will be going on in the future….

I am sure you will now be able to use Future Continuous Tense whenever necessary.

Stay tuned….. Goodbye!