It was a regular Monday morning, and Saumya was on her way to the office. It was 9:30, peak hour, and the traffic was crazy. She was at a signal when her phone rang. It was from her daughter Sanika’s school.

The moment Saumya looked at her phone, she remembered that she had to be at school at 9! For the parent-teachers meeting! She had completely forgotten about it! She would take at least another half an hour to reach the school. So by the time she would reach it would be ten… there was no point. Feeling extremely guilty, she was about to answer the phone, and the signal turned green.

The vehicles behind her had already started honking, so she had no choice but to drive on. It was practically impossible to make it to school before 10, so she decided against it and was about to take the next right turn to her office. But somehow, at the last moment, she changed her mind and drove to school. By the time she reached, the meeting was over. Some parents were leaving with their children, whereas a few were talking to the teacher.

Saumya saw that Sanika was sitting in a corner with a sad face. But as soon as she entered the class, Sanika’s face lit up! Happy to see her mom, she came running to her and hugged her! Sanika was elated and thanked God that she had changed her decision to go to the office… She had reached late, but it was worth it!

When we forget to do things in time, thinking it is too late, we end up never doing them. But my personal experience has taught me that however late one might get, it is always advisable to do it because doing something late is better than not doing it at all. Better late than never. It is better to do something or arrive after the expected time than not do it or arrive at all.

Stay tuned… Goodbye!