We use Simple future tense to

Tell someone your plans for tomorrow, or future.

Tomorrow I will wake up at five in the morning. I will brush my teeth and will drink a glass of warm water. Then I will go for a walk. After that I will make breakfast for my family. I will cook lunch and will pack tiffins for my husband and daughter. I will read newspaper for half an hour and will spend some time with the plants in my garden. After that I will wash clothes and will dust the furniture in the house. Then I will take bath and will worship God. I will eat lunch at one in the afternoon.

My daughter will come home at 1:30. She will complete her homework and will solve math problems. She will then pack her bag for the next day. My husband will return form office at 6:30. After coming home he will go for an evening walk.

In the evening, all the children in our colony will gather in the common playing area and they will chit-chat for some time. Then they will play badminton.

We will eat dinner at 7:30. After dinner we will watch television. We will then read for some time and will go to bed by ten.

I will go for a movie with my friends in next week. My daughter will join a music class in the summer vacation. We will celebrate my husband’s 45th birthday next year.

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Notice the verbs in the passage.

Will wake, will brush, will drink, will go, will make, will cook, will pack, will read, will spend, will wash, will dust, will take, will worship, will eat, will come, will complete, will solve, will return, will gather, will chit-chat, will play, will watch, will join, will celebrate and will listen.

They all are in Simple Future Tense. We have used ‘will’ with v1 form of verbs. You will also notice that there is no change in the future tense verb while talking about me(I), her(she), him(he), us(we), them(they) or you.

Isn’t it quite simple? Now try to tell your and your family members’ future plans using Simple Future Tense.

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