I wanted to gift a doll to my friend’s granddaughter. I had a cute, innocent- looking, chubby doll with long hair and a pink dress in mind and somehow thought that getting a doll of my choice was not a big deal at all… on the contrary, it was quite easy!

Generally, we tend to take a long time deciding what the appropriate gift would be! At least I do… But once you have decided that half the job is done! This time, half my Job was done so, pleased with myself, I went to the market, thinking I would be back home within half an hour.

But to my dismay, every shop I went to had only Barbie dolls with hundreds of accessories like shoes and dresses and purses and what not! I couldn’t get the one I had in mind. I spent nearly two hours hunting for a cute chubby doll (you know I had dropped the condition of a pink dress by now) but could not get one! I was running short of time and very tired by now.

At last, I spotted a cute teddy bear in one of the shops and finally ended up buying that! At least I had a gift now… a teddy if not a doll…. something is better than nothing!

Stay tuned… Goodbye!