We often need to give directions to a location, isn’t it? Come on, let us do it then!

Take a look at this map. Let us give directions from the red spot to the black spot.

  • Head north on the A B road towards the J N road.
  • Turn right onto the J N road and continue straight until you reach the cross roads.
  • At the cross roads turn right onto S B road and continue for nine hundred meters.
  • Take the first left turn onto the S P road.
  • Drive past Hotel Blue Berry on the left and continue straight up to S P Circle.
  • Take the third exit at the S P circle onto the B G Road.
  • Continue for 500 meters up to the B G Circle.
  • Take the first exit and continue on B G road for another 500 meters.
  • Your destination will be on the right.

Thus we can see that the common terms used, to give directions are…

Go straight, turn left/right, take a ‘U’ turn, continue straight, go/walk past landmark, drive past landmark, take the (first/second/third) exit, skip that turn, go across the circle, cross the road etc.

It is always a good idea to use landmarks, as they help us give perfect directions to a location. These landmarks may be well known places in the city like hotels, cinemas, banks etc.

Henceforth, whenever someone asks for directions, I am sure you will be able to give them confidently!

Stay tuned….Goodbye!