Hi friends! Welcome to Today’s Tiny Tale….

Nandita hired an architect to design her house. The design was halfway through, and the architect fractured his arm. He deployed his colleague to complete the job. This colleague made some changes in the previous design before continuing the project further. Somehow Nandita did not get along with him, so she called in yet another person for the same job! This third- person reworked the changes made by the second architect and completed the design using his own ideas!

The house was finally built, but alas! It didn’t turn out all that great!! The reason was oblivious! Although each one had tried his level best to put in his sincere efforts, the fact that three architects had been involved in the project, in itself is self-explanatory.

I remembered the saying… Too many cooks spoil the broth!…it means too many persons involved in managing an activity can actually ruin it… the final outcome is awful!

Stay tuned… Goodbye!