In all kinds of letters these are the six points that must be attended to…

  • The Heading consisting of
    • Writer’s address
    • Date
  • Greeting/salutation
  • The message – the body of the letter
  • The subscription or leave taking
  • The signature
  • The superscription on the envelope
  1. The Heading : It informs the reader where you wrote the letter and when. The ‘where’ should be the writer’s full postal address with pin code, which gives the address to which the reader may reply. The when gives him the date on which you wrote. The position of the heading is the top right-hand corner of the first page of letter, the address above and the date just below it.
  2. Greeting/Salutation : This depends on your relation with the person you are writing to. Generally it will be ‘Dear’ and the name or relation of the person. Eg. To members of your family it will be Dear father, Dear mother, Dearest sister, Dear Uncle etc. To friends it will be Dear Sumit, Dear Mr. Shah etc.
  3. The Message – Body of the letter : This is the letter itself. While writing this, divide your letter into paragraphs, use simple language, mention all the points you wish to, write neatly, put comma and full stops in their proper place.
  4. The Subscription : A letter should not end abruptly. Conclude the letter politely with subscriptions like Your sincerely, Yours faithfully, Your loving etc.
  5. The Signature : This is nothing but the name of the writer. This should be written right below the subscription.
  6. The Superscription : The address on the envelope or postcard should be written clearly.

Here is a sample letter from a daughter to her mother, on her 73rd birthday.

The address on the envelope should be written clearly, like this :

I am sure you will be able to write informal letters quite easily.

Stay tuned…. Goodbye