Hi friends! Welcome to today’s tiny tale.

One day, three school friends Rashmi, Madhura, and Shreya, bumped into each other in a shopping mall. Having met after a long time, they were super excited and went to a nearby coffee shop to catch up on one another.

Rashmi was working as the director of a multinational company. She had to travel a lot and attend as well as throw parties, to maintain business relations. Madhura was a school teacher and was working in the best school in the town, whereas Shreya was a homemaker. The three musketeers, as they were called, when in school, parted with heavy hearts, promising to keep in touch regularly.

Rashmi was tired of partying and traveling and craved for peaceful family life. She envied Madhura and Shreya as she felt they were lucky to be leading a life sans tours and excessive social responsibilities.

Madhura, though happy with her job, hardly got to travel or socialize. She envied Rashmi and Shreya as they could easily do both, former due to her profession and the latter enjoying the advantages of being a home maker.

Shreya, a homemaker, always felt that she was wasting both her life and education by doing nothing worthwhile. She envied Rashmi and Madhura for leading an eventful as well as a meaningful life.

The grass is always greener on the other side! We invariably tend to believe that the others are better off than us.

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