We use Past Perfect Tense to convey

What we had done in the past. It tells us that the action was over.

Let us see how…

Ten years back, I had completed my post graduation. I had taken a management degree after pursuing BE Computers. I had applied for a job in various companies. I had also submitted a proposal for a start up.

My brother and me had decided to start a business after a few years. We had conducted a market survey for the same. We had come to the conclusion that there was tremendous scope for software development. We had thought of making a banking software.

A few of my friends had started an online business. They had succeeded in getting excellent reviews from their customers. They had satisfied their customers by their prompt services. They had built strong work related bonds.

I remember you had subscribed to the you tube channel I had launched. You had listened to all my lessons and had benefited from them.

Notice the sentences in the passage. I had completed, I had done, I had submitted, I had applied, we had decided, we had conducted, we had come, we had thought, they had started, they had succeeded, they had satisfied, they had built, I had launched, you had subscribed, you had listened and you had benefited.

The verbs completed, done, submitted, applied, decided, conducted, come, started, succeeded, satisfied, built, launched, subscribed, listened and benefited.

They all are in perfect tense. And with ‘had‘ before them, they become Past Perfect Tense.

Now try to make sentences in Past Perfect Tense and tell what you had done in the past.

Stay tuned…. Goodbye!