We use Past Perfect Tense to convey

What he / she had done. It tells us that the action was over.

Let us see how…

When I reached home yesterday, my daughter had completed her homework. She had written question and answers of a history lesson. She had also solved a math problem set. She had done her animal project very well. She had painted a picture of a tiger for it’s cover. She had made a greeting card for her teacher.

Exactly ten years ago, my son had appeared for his HSC board exams. He had recently cracked the Physics Olympiad too. He had helped many of his friends with their difficulties in physics when he was in tenth. He had composed beautiful poems. He had participated in a number of elocution competitions. He had also won prizes for his extraordinary speeches.

Notice the sentences in the passage. My daughter had completed, she had written, she had solved, she had done, she had painted, she had made, My son had appeared, he had cracked, he had composed, he had helped, he had participated and he had won.

The verbs completed, written, solved, done, painted, made, appeared, cracked, helped, composed, participated and won. They all are in perfect tense. And with ‘had‘ before them, they become Past Perfect Tense.

Now try to make sentences in Past Perfect Tense and tell what someone you know, had done in the past.

Stay tuned…… Goodbye!