We use Past Continuous Tense to convey

1. What someone was doing in the past

2. What someone was doing those days.

Let us see how…

It was a pleasant Sunday morning. I was watering plants in my terrace garden. Birds were chirping and colorful butterflies were fluttering on the flowers. Sonia was trying to catch a butterfly and my husband was capturing the moment in his camera. We were enjoying the beauty of the nature. You were watching this video.

That day, at 3 in the afternoon, I was reading a book. Sonia was preparing for her exams and my husband was watching a tennis match on the television. Some children were playing in the park opposite my house. They were making a lot of noise. A fruit vendor was trying to lure his potential customers to his fruit cart.

In the evening my husband and I were getting ready as we were going for a movie with our friends. Sonia was feeling exhausted after her studies. She was feeling bored so she was practicing her guitar lessons. She was learning guitar those days. We were planning to meet for dinner.

Notice the verbs in the passage. Watering, chirping, fluttering, trying, capturing, enjoying, reading, preparing, watching, playing, making, getting, going, feeling, practicing, learning and planning. They all are in Continuous Tense.

The helping verbs was and were make them Past Perfect. Was is used with ‘I’, ‘he’ and ‘she’. Were is used with ‘you’, ‘we’ and ‘they‘.

Iwasdoing You weredoing We weredoing They weredoing Shewasdoing He wasdoing

I ‘wasdriving a car You ‘weredisturbing me We ‘weretalking to each other They ‘wereflying back to the US He ‘wasclosing his showroom She waschatting with her friend.

Isn’t it quite easy? Now make similar sentences to practice Past Continuous Tense.

Stay tuned…. Goodbye!