In the above lesson, we have learnt that the Verb is a doing word, all action words are verbs and, every verb has four forms, v1,v2,v3 and v4.

V1 is the verb its basic form or root form. -s or -es is added to this root form of the verb when we use it with singular nouns, or third-person pronouns like he, she and it.

Root form of the verb v1 is used in The simple Present Tense sentences as follows.

  • I go to school in the morning.
  • Children play hide and seek in the evening.
  • People forget things easily.
  • We teach in a college.
  • You spend time in idleness.
  • My friends give me a surprise.
  • The books lie in a heap on the floor.
  • They begin their campaign.
  • You play guitar really well.
  • We celebrate Diwali by lighting lamps.
  • Sumati goes to the library on Monday. (Sumati-singular noun so go+es)
  • He speaks English fluently. (he-singular third-person pronoun so speak+s)
  • The wind blows furiously. (wind-singular noun so blow+s)
  • The sun rises in the East. (the sun-singular noun so rise+s)
  • The bowler throws a ball. (bowler-singular noun so throw+s)
  • She feels sorry for her faults. (she-singular third-person pronoun so feel+s)
  • He gets along fairly well. (he-singular third-person pronoun so get+s)
  • A portrait hangs on the wall. (portrait-singular noun so hang+s)
  • Sameer writes to his mother every week. (Sameer-singular noun so writes)
  • The child clings to his mother. (child-singular noun so cling+s)

V1 is used with infinitives as follows…

  • Children love to play in the rain.
  • She likes to read books.
  • I want to learn French.
  • He wants to have a drink.
  • You like to tease others.
  • We failed to adapt to the changes.
  • They tend to forget easily.
  • It was programmed to clean the floor.
  • My friends wanted to buy gifts.
  • I used to knit sweaters.

V1 is used in Simple Future Tense as follows…

  • I will definitely apply for this job.
  • You will not interrupt me.
  • She will do the needful.
  • My brother will take you to the hospital.
  • We will not strike first.
  • They will win the game.
  • He will forgive you.
  • Sanika will take care of everything.
  • The show will begin soon.
  • The trains will run as per schedule.

V1 is used in questions as follows…

Do you like chocolates?
Does she bake a cake?
Does he always fight with you?
Are we ready to go?
Shall we proceed?
Will they appear for the exam?
Will she recognize me?
Do I sound rude?
Did she dust the furniture?
Did you post the letter?

Thus we have seen the root form of different verbs. In the next lesson, we will learn about the remaining three forms of verbs in detail.

Stay tuned… Goodbye!