We Use Simple past tense to convey

1. What a person did yesterday, or, in the past.

Let us see how….

Yesterday I woke up at 5 in the morning. I brushed my teeth and drank a glass of warm water. Then I went for a walk. I made breakfast and packed tiffins for Sonia and my husband.

Sonia woke up at 6. She got ready and left for school at 7:30. My husband went to office at 9. After that I read newspaper for half an hour. I spent some time with the plants in my garden. Then I washed clothes and dusted all the furniture in the house. I took bath and worshiped God.

Sonia came home at 1:30. We ate lunch. Then she completed her homework and made a birthday card for her friend. In the evening she went for her friend’s birthday party. I went and bought vegetables. My husband came home at 7 and we ate dinner. After dinner, we went for a ten minute stroll in the garden opposite our house.

Sonia returned at 9. She narrated all the fun she had. As many as twenty friends attended the party. They played games, sang songs and had great fun. They gifted a beautiful watch to the birthday girl.

She gave us a detailed report of the party. Then she packed her bag for the next day. I made preliminary preparations for my next day’s assignments. Then we all read for some time and went to bed at 10.

Notice all the verbs used in the passage. Woke, brushed, drank, went, made, packed, got, left, read, spent, washed, dusted, took, worshiped, came, ate, completed, bought, returned, narrated, attended, played, sang, had, gifted, and gave. They all are in Simple Past Tense.

You must have realized that there is no change in the verb while talking about me, her, him, us or them.

Quite simple isn’t it? Try to tell how you or anyone you know, spent yesterday.

Stay tuned… Goodbye.