We use Present Perfect Continuous Tense to convey ,

What someone is doing for a given time.

Let us see how.

I have been teaching in ABC School since last twenty years. This sentence tells us two things. 1. I started teaching in ABC School twenty years back, and 2. I am still teaching in the same school.

My daughter has been working in a hospital since last five years. This means, 1. My daughter started working in a hospital five years back, and 2. She is still working in the same hospital.

We at Ashray, have been taking care of the mentally challenged adults since 2017. This means, 1. We started taking care of the mentally challenged adults in 2017, and 2. our services are going on till date.

So basically Present Perfect Continuous Tense tells us that, 1. Someone started doing something a few years, months, weeks, days or hours back, and 2. The person is still doing the same.

Here are some more examples. I have been writing posts for my website since morning. My friends have been playing cricket for an hour. We have been studying in the library for three hours. You have been talking over the phone for a long time. She has been watching television for quite a while. He has been driving a car since he was a teenager.

Notice the verbs in the sentences. have been teaching, has been working, have been taking, have been writing, has been reading, have been playing, have been studying, have been talking, has been watching and has been driving. They all are in Present Perfect Continuous Tense.

All you have to remember is use Have been + ing form of verb with I, You, We and They and Has been + ing form of verb with he, she and it.

Isn’t it simple? Now try to make as many sentences as possible in present perfect continuous tense so that you will get familiar with this tense and will be able to use it whenever necessary.

Stay tuned…. Goodbye!