Hi friends! Welcome to today’s tiny tale.

Ajay and Sujay were twins and studied in the same school. They looked similar, but their likes and dislikes were quite different. While Ajay loved to play outdoor games, Sujay enjoyed computer games. Ajay liked to read books, and Sujay found them extremely boring. As a consequence, they never agreed on anything and often argued over trivial matters.

One summer vacation, Ajay went for trekking, and Sujay took up a coding class. Their mother heaved a sigh of relief as there would be peace in the house, at least for a few days!

A week had passed, and one day she overheard Sujay talking to someone over the phone, and to her surprise, she realized that he was talking to his brother! They talked for over fifteen minutes! The next day when she made a video call to Ajay, Sujay too joined in, and the two chatted as if they were the best of friends! And then it became a regular routine. They started sharing their experiences with each other almost every day.

After his forty-day trek, when Ajay returned home, Sujay was the happiest member of the family. Really, distance makes the heart grow fonder. You realize the value of a person only after you part from him or her, isn’t it?

Stay tuned….. Goodbye!