Hi friends! Welcome to today’s tiny tale.

Siddharth was cleaning his room. After rearranging his books neatly on the shelf, he turned to his wardrobe. His apartment was in a mess, and he had decided to make the most of the much sought-after long weekend.

He emptied the drawers first and was amazed at the amount of crap he had stored for years! He carefully checked each and every piece of paper before disposing it off and to his relief, was left with only a few important ones, thus making his drawers much lighter than before.

Next in line were his clothes. While segregating the formals from the casuals, he saw a book peeping from under a t-shirt. He was surprised that the book was in there instead of being on the bookshelf. Curiously he flipped through it and realized that it was his father’s book, and he was supposed to deliver it to one of his professors a few months ago. He had completely forgotten about it.

He felt extremely guilty for his irresponsible behavior and repented for not doing the needful immediately. Had he kept the book on the shelf or on the table, it would have constantly reminded him of his errand, but as he hid it in his wardrobe from fear of being borrowed by his roommate, it went out of sight and out of mind.

We easily forget what we are not in touch with, isn’t it? We also forget people or things that we do not meet or see for a long time.

Stay tuned…….Goodbye!