Hi friends! Welcome to today’s tiny tale.

My friend arrived today morning after an overnight bus journey. Her bus reached almost two hours later than it was scheduled to arrive. I thought it was due to the bad road conditions. Over a cup of coffee, when I asked her if she had slept well, she told me that at around midnight, her bus met with an accident. It was raining heavily, and a truck coming from the other direction suddenly changed its lane to avoid a pit.

Miraculously all the passengers were unhurt thanks to the bus driver who quickly maneuvered the bus off the highway. But in doing so, the bus hit a tree and came to a standstill. After a long wait in the middle of nowhere, they boarded another bus which dropped them to their destinations.

Because of this, she was up almost all night and was feeling extremely tired but at the same time, was happy that she had reached safely.

After all, all is well that ends well. Regardless of everything that goes wrong along the way, after all the ordeals that you go through when the final outcome is satisfying, you feel happy.

Stay tuned…… Goodbye!