Hi friends! Welcome to today’s tiny tale.

Today morning while strolling in my terrace, I came across this cup nest lying amid dry fallen leaves of our mango tree. Have a look. It is smoothly hemispherical inside with a deep depression to house the eggs. And it is so delicate! As I picked it up and placed it on a branch, it set me thinking.

Imagine the size of birds and the relative size of their brains. Yet they are so intelligent and skillful. Birds don’t get any formal education, do they? Neither do they have engineering degrees. How then can they build such an intricate structure? Who teaches them this skill? With their beaks being their only tools, so much of effort must be going into collecting twigs and building a nest.

And just one little gush of wind displaces their nests in a fraction of a second, wasting all their hard work and energy, just like this one was. But they don’t give up. They start afresh. They go out in search of twigs and build their nests all over again, from scratch, so they can lay and incubate their eggs and raise their young.

We can learn so much from them, isn’t it? To not curse our destiny, to not get depressed by our failures, to never give up, come what may, and to keep working hard until we achieve our goal. Nature is the first and best teacher. If we are a little more attentive, observant and receptive, it opens up a wonderful treasure chest of small teachings to make our life better. It is up to us; whether we learn from its subtle messages or turn a blind eye to them.

Stay tuned…. Goodbye!