In the above lesson, we have learnt about the three articles a, an and the. Now let us use them in sentences.

  1. This is a girl.
  2. That is a boy.
  3. I saw a bird.
  4. We went to a movie.
  5. There is an anthill in my garden.
  6. My mother will return within an hour.
  7. I talked to my friend for a few minutes.
  8. There was an old man in the room.
  9. She is an honest girl.
  10. He is the best student in our school.
  11. We visited the Gateway of India.
  12. There is an orange in the basket.
  13. I bought an umbrella yesterday. My friends liked the umbrella very much.
  14. The Taj Mahal is one of the wonders of the world.
  15. We should drive carefully to avoid an accident.
  16. My mother is an excellent cook.
  17. My heart skipped a beat.
  18. She gave me a book.
  19. He was an elderly man.
  20. There were ten participants in the first event.
  21. Long ago, there lived a king. The king was righteous.
  22. You have done an excellent job!
  23. I bought a dozen of apples.
  24. There was an apple in the refrigerator.
  25. My father is a perfectionist.
  26. What is the opposite of love?
  27. I want to be a doctor, whereas my brother wants to be an engineer.
  28. They found a solution to the problem.
  29. I can see like an eagle.
  30. He bought an expensive shirt.
  31. She spends at least an hour in her library.
  32. He participated in an essay competition.
  33. Copper is a useful metal.
  34. He is not an honorable man.
  35. It is a unique structure.
  36. French is an easy language, whereas Sanskrit is a difficult language.
  37. The European people are friendly.
  38. She is an untidy girl.
  39. Honest men always speak the truth.
  40. After a heated argument, they finally came to an understanding.
  41. The Earth revolves around the Sun.
  42. Finland is the most beautiful country in the world.
  43. He wants to buy a uniform for his daughter.
  44. I love to take a walk every morning.
  45. Sri Lanka is an island.
  46. The doctor says it is a hopeless case.
  47. May is the fifth month of the year.
  48. It was the most unforgettable moment of my life.
  49. He is the youngest boy in the class.
  50. May I have the pleasure of your company?
  51. He is a better poet than a novelist.
  52. The reindeer is a native of Norway.
  53. Do you see the blue sky?
  54. You must be a fool to believe him!
  55. Who is the girl sitting there?
  56. Let us discuss the matter seriously!
  57. He got a nice gift.
  58. If you meet him, give him a message.
  59. You look as stupid as an owl.
  60. English is the language of the people of England.
  61. The farmer bought an ox, a buffalo, and a horse.
  62. The guide knows the way.
  63. Where are the children who were playing here?
  64. It is a holy city.
  65. He can play the flute, and I can play the organ.
  66. The rose is the sweetest of all flowers.
  67. Let us watch a movie.
  68. The book you want is not available.
  69. She gave me a one rupee note.
  70. Don’t talk like an ass!
  71. Honesty is the best policy.
  72. Please get a pound of sugar from the nearest grocer.
  73. The moon did not rise untill after ten.
  74. We crossed an overhead bridge.
  75. The train was around the corner.
  76. Have you ever seen an elephant?
  77. He met with an accident. The accident was a severe one.
  78. The children found an egg in the nest.
  79. What a beautiful painting!
  80. We get the best quality fruits in this shop.
  81. My friend is a good swimmer.
  82. I remembered the movie I had watched recently.
  83. You have failed as a father.
  84. As an adult, one should be more mature.
  85. It was the first Monday of the month.
  86. The lion is the king of the jungle.
  87. He is an honor to this profession.
  88. The rich should help the poor.
  89. She is the most helpful girl I have ever met.
  90. The train is late by an hour and a half.
  91. There was an untidy mattress in the room.
  92. There was a beautiful rainbow in the sky.
  93. The river was spanned by an iron bridge.
  94. Last year we visited a European country.
  95. She is an expert in knitting.
  96. I will not take more than a minute.
  97. My friend has an aunt who lives in the U. S.
  98. The taxi driver was surprised to hear a compliment!
  99. She won the first prize!
  100. An essay is a test of the students’ writing skills.

Stay tuned…. Goodbye!