We use Simple Present Tense

9. To introduce them

10. To tell their routine activities.

Let us see how.

Teachers play an important role in our life. Good teachers make math and science interesting and turn history lessons into exciting stories. They inspire their students to love learning. They know that the students are the future of a nation. So they educate and inspire them in all aspects of their lives. They motivate the students to participate and focus. They inculcate good values in students. They help their students overcome all their problems. They mould them into good human beings and responsible citizens. Thus they shape the future of their students and build a strong nation.

Notice the verbs in the passage. Play, make, turn, inspire, know, are, educate, motivate, participate, focus, inculcate, help, mould, shape, and build. They all are in Simple Present Tense.

Now try to talk about your friends, your colleagues, your family members, or your siblings.

Stay tuned… Goodbye!