We use Simple Present Tense

7. To introduce ourselves

8. To tell our routine activities.

Let us see how…

Tripti and Sujata are my best friends. We are commerce students and study in the same college. We spend most of our day together.

We attend lectures regularly. We share our notes with each other. We enjoy snacks in the college canteen. We participate in all college events. We represent our college in the interstate table tennis tournaments. We help each other in times of difficulties. Our likes and dislikes are similar. We love to paint. Every year, we make Diwali cards and sell them. We also paint handkerchiefs throughout the year and sell them too. Thus we earn our pocket money.

Notice the verbs in the passage. Are, study, spend, attend, share, enjoy, participate, represent, help, love, make, sell, paint, and earn. They all are in Simple Present Tense.

Isn’t it simple? Now try to introduce and talk about you and your friends, you and your siblings, you and your colleagues, or you and your family members as a group.

Stay tuned… Goodbye!