Simple Present Tense is used to

5. Introduce him

6. Tell his routine activities.

Let us see how.

My brother’s name is Deepak. He is fifty years old. He is a well known ENT specialist. He runs a hospital of his own. Four assistant doctors work under him.

He has a very busy schedule. His day starts with a one-hour yoga session at four in the morning. After that, he goes to the gymnasium. He comes home and eats breakfast. Then he takes bath and rushes to the hospital. First, he takes a round and meets his indoor patients. After that, he starts his OPD. He attends nearly eighty patients every day.

He plans his operations on Thursdays. On Saturdays, he treats his patients for free. He takes a half an hour break for lunch and continues his OPD through the evening. He reaches home by 9.

He spends some quality time with his daughter and goes through medical journals for some time. Finally, he retires to bed at midnight.

He regularly attends conferences and seminars and keeps himself updated with the latest advances in his field.

Notice the verbs in the passage. Is, runs, has, wakes, goes, comes, eats, takes, meets, starts, attends, plans, treats, continues, reaches, spends, retires, and keeps. They all are in Simple Present Tense.

While talking about ‘him’ just add an ‘s’ to the verb. As simple as that.

Now try to introduce your father, husband, son, father-in-law, brother-in-law, cousin, friend, or colleague and tell his routine activities.

Stay tuned… Goodbye!