We use Simple Present Tense

3. To Introduce her

4. To tell her routine activities.

Let us see how….

My daughter’s name is Sonia. She is fourteen years old. She is sincere and hard working. She is in class nine. She is a good swimmer. She has many friends. Red is her favorite color. She likes animals. She loves chocolates.

She wakes up at six in the morning. She brushes her teeth and drinks a cup of milk. She polishes her shoes and irons her uniform. Then she takes a bath and gets ready for school. She leaves for school at 7:30. She eats her tiffin at lunchtime. She comes home at 1:30. She completes her homework and solves math problems. She plays badminton in the evening. On some days she goes to the nearby park. After dinner, she watches the discovery channel for some time. Then she reads storybooks and sleeps at 9:30.

Notice the verbs used in the passage. Is, has, likes, loves, wakes, brushes, drinks, polishes, irons, takes, gets, leaves, eats, comes, completes, solves, plays, goes, watches, reads, and sleeps. They all are in Simple Present Tense.

Isn’t it simple? All you have to do while talking about ‘her’ is add an ‘s’ to the verb.

Now try to introduce your mother, sister, aunt, cousin, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, friend, or colleague and tell her routine activities.

Stay tuned… Goodbye!