Hi friends! Welcome to today’s tiny tale.

Tanmay had just joined the school. He was a warm and friendly boy. As a result, within no time, he became everyone’s favorite. One day the class teacher told some students to give him directions to the nearby book store so that he could buy text books. Eager to help, many gave him the directions. A couple of them went so far as to jot them down in meticulous detail. But Tanmay being new to the place, found it difficult to follow. He looked totally confused.

Sameer, supposedly the dullest boy in the class, silently handed him a piece of paper. And to everyone’s surprise, a satisfactory smile appeared on Tanmay’s face. All the students praised Sameer when they saw the road map he had drawn, showing a clear route from their school to the book store. The teacher exclaimed, “Very well done Sameer!, One good picture is worth a thousand words!” A visual, helps us understand and remember a concept better than any other aid could.

Stay tuned…… Goodbye!