Hi friends! Welcome to today’s tiny tale.

One morning, I was sipping steaming hot tea after my daily dose of exercise, and I got a phone call from my daughter. It was a pleasant surprise, you know? As this was not the time, she usually called. After the initial hi and hellos, she said that she had called as she thought I would be worried about her. I skipped my heartbeat! I said, “worried?; Why?; What happened?; Are you both alright?” She said that a massive earthquake had occurred in San Diego the day before, but, fortunately, her part of the city did not even feel the tremors of the earthquake and was safe. She could not contact me earlier since communication networks were affected in the area.

I was stumped. I did not know what to think or say! I just thanked God!

I thanked God that they were safe! I had not watched or read the news the previous evening as I was at a concert and got home only after midnight. Had I been aware of the earthquake, I would not have attended the concert, would have relentlessly tried to get in touch with her and on failing to do so, would have spent a sleepless night worrying about her well being.

No wonder it is said, Ignorance is bliss! Sometimes not having the knowledge of something can actually maintain our mental state of happiness.

Stay tuned..…. Goodbye!