We use simple present tense to :

1. Introduce ourselves

2. Tell our routine activities.

Let us see how :

Hello! My name is Savita. I am forty years old. I am tall and slim. I hold a master’s degree in Economics. I have a son and a daughter. I live in a joint family. I read books and listen to music in my free time. I love to paint. Pink and blue are my favorite colors. I am a home-maker.

I wake up at five in the morning. I brush my teeth and drink a glass of warm water. Then I go for a walk. After that, I make breakfast for my family. I cook lunch and pack tiffins for my husband and children. I read the newspaper for half an hour. I spend some time with the plants in my garden. After that, I wash clothes and dust all the furniture in the house. Then I take a bath and worship God. I eat lunch at one in the afternoon. I buy fresh vegetables every day. I visit the grocery shop once a week. I watch a movie once a month. I plan a trip with my family every summer.

Notice all the verbs used in the paragraph. Is, am, hold, have, live, read, listen, love, are, wake, brush, go, make, cook, pack, spend, wash, dust, take, worship, eat, buy, visit, watch and plan. They all are in Simple Present Tense.

Isn’t it pretty easy?

Now try to introduce yourself and tell your daily routine.

Stay tuned… Goodbye!